What We Do

We are a new type of pharmaceutical company dedicated to creating affordable, life-changing medicines for serious and life-limiting diseases and medical conditions


ZBP has an active pipeline of products in various stages of development
Therapeutic Area
Research & Discovery
Regulatory & Review
Expected Commercialization


Short Acting


Type1, Type 2
IV, Pen, Pump

Rapid Acting


Type1, Type 2
IV, Pen, Pump

Intermediate Acting


Type1, Type 2
IV, Pen, Pump

Long Acting


Type1, Type 2
IV, Pen, Pump



Type1, Type 2
IV, Pen, Pump

GLP - 1

Type1, Type 2
IV, Pen, Pump


At ZBP, we build our products to the highest quality standards on state-of-the-art automated manufacturing lines because we know that when it comes to potentially life-saving products you expect the very best.

Development & Regulatory

Our team has decades of experience in both U.S. and global regulatory filings. ZBP’s development process includes several rigorous studies, which involve feedback from patients and other stakeholders. This sets us apart; the knowledge and insights gained from listening to our users becomes core part of our submissions.  We conduct our clinical studies under the most stringent of regulatory requirements.


Our commercial team has over 50 years of experience bringing valuable therapies to patients. ZBP commercializes its products through two models:

1. Commercialize products ourselves in specific therapeutic areas.
2. License our products to commercial partners who have the resources and capabilities for our products to reach their potential.
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